Cougar Chronicle

The Cougar Chronicle is distributed to all of the Kindergarten through 5th grade students in Greenwich and Kutztown Elementary Schools. The issues not only support our Healthy Living and Anti-Drug message but also assist students as a monthly reading tool.

It is the intent of this magazine to educate the kids about dangers in smoking, marijuana, heroine and other dangerous drugs while students are developing their life-long attitudes and thereby deter later drug use and thus save lives. The High School and Middle School Students that write, edit, and provide the artwork and contests through their editorial efforts realize their importance in mentoring the youth so that they, too, are positively affected by their participation in this meaningful endeavor.

Chronicle 17


Chronicle 16


Chronicle 13

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Chronicle 10


Chronicle 8
Fall 2016 – Vol 3, Number 1

Chronicle 7

Issue 7, May 2016

Chronicle 6

cougar new year
Issue 6, January 2016

Chronicle 5

cougar fall
Issue 5, October – November 2015

Chronicle 4

cougar spring
Issue 4, Spring – Summer 2015

Chronicle 3

cougar december
Issue 3, December 2014

Chronicle 2

Issue 2, October 2014

Chronicle 1

Issue 1, September 2014