Volunteer – The process is simple and quick.

To volunteer in activities where you will be interacting with students, you will need clearances. If you are volunteering for an activity to which the general public is invited, such as events on Main Street, volunteer clearances aren’t necessary.

The three clearances required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to volunteer with children are as follows. Please make sure you indicate that you are a volunteer (not an employee.) · Act 34 PA Criminal Clearance (no cost for volunteers): https://epatch.state.pa.us · Act 151 Child Abuse History Certification (no cost to volunteers): http://www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis

· Act 114 FBI Fingerprint Clearance (current cost $27): ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY http://www.pa.cogentid.com OR Residency Affidavit on the Volunteer Application/Information Form (if eligible)

For more information, check the school district’s website at https://www.kasd.org/Page/322 or the Certified Safe PA website at https://www.certifiedsafepa.org/safe/about/

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Committees are a great way to be an active member with Kutztown Strong. Each committee is designed to provide resources and opportunities through our many events that we hold throughout the year.

What the Committees Do

Executive committee:  The executive action group functions as the party planner of the group.  It designs the menu, facilitates the social interaction, and welcomes people to the party!

Community Research and Resources Inventory:  This group identifies local assets and builds the capacity of Kutztown Strong to respond to the community school, family and individual risk factors.  The research data team analyzes the PA Youth Survey to determine Risk Factors and Protective Factors that address trends of substance abuse and anti-social behavior.  This research will help us choose evidence based programs that focus on reducing those behaviors.

Funding Resources:  A sustainable Kutztown Strong requires the support of a diversity of funding sources.  This group identifies potential funding sources and allocates the funds by reviewing programming requests.

Education & Policy and Review:  The Education Committee is devoted to educating students, parents and the community to resist drug and alcohol abuse.  We education through the student created magazine (Cougar Chronicle), public events, and our website.  We are committed to providing alternative activities for those who have chosen to avoid drugs and alcohol.  We also wish to provide resources for those who are involved with drugs and alcohol and are seeking help.

The Policy Review Action Group: The Policy Review Action Group figures out what we have, what we need, and how to get there.

Community Options and Activities:  Community options and activities group provides activities for the youth in our community.  The success stems from the student involvement in the entire process from choosing the activity through execution

Public Relations:  Public relations is the mouthpiece of Kutztown Strong.  We announce and promote Kutztown Strong’s successes though various media outlets.