Strengthening Families
The Council on Chemical Abuse along with the support of Kutztown Strong will be implementing the Strengthening Families Program 10 – 14. This program will empower youth and families to be successful in navigating the teenage years. The program is geared for families with children ages 10 – 14 years old. Parents learn skills to nurture, effectively discipline and guide youth. Youth are taught skills for dealing with stress and peer pressures. Families come together and have fun and bond while learning about each other. This seven-week program will be offered completely virtually starting January 25th. From the comfort of your own home and in your comfy clothes. Join us to meet new families and have some fun. We have thought of everything! Materials will be delivered to your door, including all needed supplies, incentives, and even a weekly meal is included. This program is open to families in the Kutztown 
Area with children ages 10 – 14. Refer a family or sign up today! For more information go to: or contact Jackie Steed